Cubicost is a new brand of Glodon Costing Solution for the international market. It combined with two words. ‘Cubic’ means ‘the shape of a cube’, which reflects that the products under this brand apply BIM (Building Information Model) as the core technology. ‘Cost’ indicates the key value of the software, which is to provide integrated cost solution for customers in AEC industry.

Cubicost BIM suite is comprised of four individual BIM-based software products (TAS, TRB, TME, TBQ) that are focused on different needs of quantity surveying business. All these four products together virtually cover all general requirements in construction cost estimation business. Moreover, BIM model and related data can be easily transferred between four products, bringing you the most professional, efficient and accurate BIM cost estimation experience.

As a BIM solution for cost estimation, which is different from traditional methods, Cubicost enables data and model sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry.

Embrace BIM application era with Cubicost!

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