LVZ ElektroCAD for ZWCAD: A Complete Combo for Electrical Planning

To install electrical appliances and machines in buildings, electrical plans are essential. Since they should be compliant with certain rules, CAD solutions can play a part. Now, with the add-on, LVZ ElektroCAD successfully ported to ZWCAD 2020, a complete solution for electrical planning is at your disposal.

LVZ ElektroCAD is developed by IBS Döbeln, a German software and service provider founded in 1997. Committed to serving electrical engineering businesses of all sizes, they have long been known to be practical and trusted by clients like SolarWorld®.           

Electrical Routines and Symbols

With routines, such as carrying out technical calculations, creating installation plans and generating diagrams taken care of by this application, users can focus on making reasonable engineering decisions. Besides, an easily expandable library of over 5,500 electrical symbols, which can have up to 100 attributes is at hand.

Intuitive and Dynamic 3D models for Electrical Planning

Moreover, a 3D model for both planning engineers and draftsmen to work on can be built on the calculation results and technical data. Cable lengths can hence be precisely determined because devices, furniture, etc. are shown three-dimensionally in it. Its appearance and size can be updated accordingly to meet the frequent needs for changes from the planning to the construction stage.

Lossless Data Interaction among 2D and 3D Files

Furthermore, the consistent data exchange among 3D models and 2D drawings also allows files like floor plans and sections to stay updated. As for collision detection, there are bidirectional interfaces between it and CATS or liNear.

On this account, the scope of planning extends from the basics to BIM-compliant outputs.

Seeing that ZWCAD is one of the mainstream CAD solutions, developers of LVZ ElektroCAD (experienced electrical planners as well) decided to bring more choices to their customers. And since the strong API abilities of ZWCAD come in a lightweight installation package, they were able to port the application effortlessly. “Porting took 1 day only,” they praised. “Our expectations are fully satisfied.”

Now, electrical planners can work in a familiar environment with a handy electrical application.