ZWCAD 2021 Is Here! | Hope Technologies

It is with pleasure that we introduce to you another milestone version of ZWCAD! ZWCAD 2021 will blow your mind with exceptional levels of speed and smoothness. Let’s explore its new features and enhancements.

What's new in ZWCAD 2021 ?

> Quicker Generation of Better Visuals

Thanks to the upgraded graphic engine,

* File opening in ZWCAD 2021 is 30% faster than in the last version

* Display effects are improved, even at 4K resolutions


> New Features for Higher Efficiency

* The transparency of objects, layers, etc. is adjustable for a clearer view of drawings

* You can manage all Xrefs in one manager

* The CLIP command allows you to use all clip functions like Invert XClip

* Table and field formulas are available, enabling easy calculations

* There can be different viewport layers for each viewport

Be prepared for a faster and smoother CAD experience and try ZWCAD 2021!